Would you like to be part of a potentially life-saving project?

We were recently approached by Alison Gummery, the RENAL-HF Project Manager based at University of Liverpool. Alison is looking to recruit Public Advisors with personal experience of heart failure or carers of someone with heart failure in the North West Region to help with their project.

Read on for more information, including how to get involved if you are interested.

Are you interested in making a difference in research about heart health and its medication?

Almost a million people in the UK live with heart failure, most of whom also have kidney problems. The heart and kidneys strongly affect each other. If the heart suddenly works less well, kidney function can worsen.

Modern treatments help people with heart failure to live longer, healthier lives but the amount and type of their medication need to be checked regularly. Too low a dose of heart medication makes heart failure symptoms worse. Higher doses of heart medication can make kidney function worse. Either can lead to hospitalisation and increase the risk of death.

We aim to improve kidney health in people living with heart failure by developing technology to predict how often each person with heart failure needs a kidney blood test. We will work with healthcare professionals and patients to produce expert and consistent advice for GPs and nurses on how to adjust medicine dose and/or medicine type to keep both the heart and kidneys working together at their best.

We are looking to recruit up to 12 patient/public advisers to work with us in the RENAL-HF project led by Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed at the University of Liverpool and collaborating with other organisations. We are looking to recruit approximately 10 people with cardiac history, preferably with experience of taking diuretics as well as medications for their heart condition and 2 people with experience of being a ‘carer’ for someone close with serious heart health issues. We will be specifically looking for public advisors from a variety of demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The project is funded for three years in the first instance and is likely to run for five years in total. We are looking for public advisors who can commit a few hours a month, ideally, be involved in the whole term of the project (up to five years) and who are passionate about making a difference in research related to heart health. Public advisors will be paid for their involvement and reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses, in line with the INVOLVE guidelines.

Closing Date: 30th May 2022

If you are interested in joining the team or want to know more – please send a paragraph expressing your interest via our contact form and we will pass it on to Alison.

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