The Foundation has been set up by family and close friends who were shocked and devastated by Tim’s loss.

The formal object of the Foundation (a Charitable Incorporated Organisation) is to preserve and protect the health of young adults in Merseyside, Chester and West Cheshire, in particular by:

  1. ‘Promoting and facilitating cardiovascular screening of young adults in Merseyside, Chester and West Cheshire so as to reduce early death rates from previously unknown or undetected dangerous medical conditions; and
  2. Promoting the general public’s understanding and awareness of coronary heart screening of young adults, and its potential benefits.’

Essentially, the Foundation invites all young men and women aged 18 – 39 living in Merseyside, Chester and West Cheshire to participate in an initiative aiming to address a gap in existing routine health services. For 18 – 24 year olds, the emphasis will be on raising health awareness and equipping young people with practical ways to manage their own health most effectively. For 25 – 39 year olds, the screening programme is designed to estimate likely cardiovascular risk over a 10 year period thereby maximising the opportunity for early intervention as part of a balanced and happy lifestyle!

As Tim’s Father, Frank explains, ‘Tim’s life may have been saved if there had been a systematic screening of his age group, a group currently and sadly outside the regular coverage of those responsible for offering preventative medical care.

I have spent my life working with and for young people and we are determined to achieve something positive for them by offering their families a genuine chance of avoiding our family’s tragedy and heartache.’

The Trust

Members include Frank Cogley, Sheila Cogley, Rob Carter, Daisy Jones, Tony Parkins, Jan Mølby, Justine Mclaughlin and Jayne Dixon.

The Patrons

Patrons include Tom Atkinson, Paul Ince, Kevin Keegan, Dame Lorna Muirhead, Graeme Sharp, Phil Thompson, Mandy Mølby, Sam Quek, Michael Thomas, Barry McKay, Caroline Donnelly and Canon Professor Kenneth Newport.

To find out more about the screening programme, or to help raise funds to support our aims, please get in touch.