Steph Lynch Testament on Efficacy of Foundation Screening

“I can’t express enough my appreciation to Tim Cogley’s family for setting up this foundation! I booked a cardiac screening in June 2019: I was a fit and healthy 38-year-old with no underlying conditions. Many of my friends had been for the test and as a mother of a young child, I decided it was a good idea. Following the screening I was advised all my readings were great apart from an abnormal creatinine level, so as suggested in the report I went to see my GP, who repeated the bloods which were returned with the same reading. Following multiple tests, I was diagnosed with a non-functioning hydronephrotic left kidney and ureter, something which I was then advised needed removing. It was very difficult to comprehend what was happening at first, especially as I had no symptoms and felt great, but the reality was that if it was left, at some point I could end up in an emergency situation with potentially life threatening consequences!

I have now had the surgery to remove my kidney and ureter in a controlled way, which was much easier to deal with than the situation I could have ended up in, if I had continued to walk around unaware of this condition. My story is a great example of why this foundation was set up, to find underlying health conditions you are unaware of and give you the opportunity to seek medical attention to treat/monitor that condition. My advice to anyone out there reading this who is aged 18-39, book your screening test! Also, please support the charity in any way you can.

I have such admiration for Tim’s parents. As a parent myself I can’t imagine the heartache they suffered at the loss of their son, but to find the strength to turn that grief into such an amazing lifesaving charity is truly inspirational. I will be eternally grateful to them!”

Stephanie Lynch


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