And I will walk 450 miles….

In honour of his late friend Tim Cogley, Danny Leonard set out to jog from John O’Groats to Land’s End last year to raise money for a foundation set up in Tim’s name, to increase awareness of the subject and the importance of coronary heart screening. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Danny’s trek was halted halfway through due to the strict government guidelines in Wales at the time, meaning that he couldn’t stop over, and therefore could not complete the end of his challenge. As a collective, the foundation decided that instead of completing the trek on a treadmill, it would be best to wait and not take anything away from Danny’s amazing achievement and the challenge that he would face. 

Thankfully, restrictions have allowed Danny to get back into the open air and live his best hiking life, with a trek at the base camp of Mt Everest! A natural hiker, Danny had planned for this trek already, but due to his devotion to the Tim Cogley Foundation and its cause, decided to pair this trek with another so that he could finish the JOGtoLE challenge and help raise even more money and awareness. He will be completing the most challenging trekking route at the base camp which covers a distance of approximately 200 miles, and will then continue to the Annapurna route, to total the remaining 450 miles left on his 2020 JOGtoLE challenge. 

If you would like to donate to the foundation then please head to our donation page and select your donation, any amount makes a difference! Keep an eye on our social media for updates from Danny’s trek, and as always, help us spread the word of the importance of early coronary heart screening. 


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